About me? I’ll skip over the first 40 years, I think, or your eyes will glaze over and your concentration wane.

At the time of writing, I am 66 years old. Having been gainfully occupied for the last 15 years running my own TIE (touring in education) company across the North of England, I decided to quit the very arduous work of touring in March 2015 in order to pursue the less strenuous activity of writing. I also took up jazz trombone and now spend most of my waking hours doing one or the other. I did try doing both at the same time but became very confused!

This blog is essentially about writing. Having described it as ‘less strenuous’, I am already backtracking! It actually isn’t! It is less taxing on the body, certainly, but requires a good deal of mental concentration if you want to do it right.

I am not a published author but, have no fear, one of my first tasks when that happy event occurs, will be to amend this page.

This is not a retirement job, part-time occupation or hobby! It’s a business, and I will be applying all my earlier, sharply-honed marketing skills to its success. As to the product, my first love is crime fiction. The latter part of my working life, however, was spent in drama and comedy, both as actor and writer, so I do not rule out a merry mix of all three.

In fact, I do not rule out anything!

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